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    I enjoy surfing the web, which is probably
    pretty obvious from all the links I've gathered.
    I have a few favorite topics .... anything
    relating to the American Indians, animals,
    photography, and these wonderful slideshows. They are a great source of relaxation .....
    so sit back and enjoy. And THANKS to all
    their authors!!!

American Indian Leaders .. with biographies

Mountains .. includes live cams

Nature .. tornadoes to sunsets


Sunsets I

Sunsets II

Sand & Sea Slideshow


The above are just a few of Don's slideshows. He has many more ... some using live cams. So be sure to stop by his homepage


Alaska's Inside Passage

Aurora Borealis

Beauty for the Soul .. is Beautiful!

Cindy's Galaxy .. 3 shows

Cullen's SlideShow .. photo gallery

The Elephants Playground

Emerald's Holidays

Fall in New England

Fall Colors 2000

Fish4ever's Shark Show

Flowers from the Garden

Galapagos Islands & Inhabitants

Impressions from Japan .. Kawasaki

Japan .. Scenic Tour

KeenKam .. 30 Alaskan shows

Relax with Sunsets & Music

An Introduction To Reflections

Sand Dollar Underwater Slide Show

Serenity .. pictures of nature

Shannon's Shows .. beautiful pictures!

Singapore SlideShow

Space Show

Tboob's Holiday SlideShows For WebTV

Trip Around the World .. 2 shows

Wolf Slideshow


HTML for Slideshow from Gest

PC Addendum to SlideShow Tutorial

BabyDoll's Slide Show Tutorial

Don's Tutorial .. Frames & Non-Frames

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