As morning sweetly enters
Flowers blooming best
Crystal beads of dew drops
On petals that are blest

Magic in sweet nature
Each day of perfect bliss
Watch so close the dawning
Awake to happiness

Stopping for a moment
To breathe the air so clean
Cleansed by all the dew drops
Such beauty so serene

Walk among the flowers
Smell the fragrance rare
Rolling hills and mountains
What majesty is there

Colors all emerging
Like rainbows fill the sky
Upon the earth this miracle
How can you pass this by

Heart is filled with pleasure
With every sweet bouquet
Offered like a special prayer
I give to you this day.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Šused with permission
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Moon and Back took this photo in a lovely garden in Southern CA.  Note the bee that is busy gathering pollen from the beautiful hollyhock.

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Feb 2, 2002