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Mediterranean Villa is a linkware set. Please be sure you have read and understand the Terms of Use for this set. The Terms of Use are included in the zip file for your convenience.

The font used with this set is CelticHand.

You can customize this html file to use on your webpages. HTML 3.2 was used to create this file. You may want to consider using a more current version of HTML or XHTML in order to make your website compliant with W3C standards.

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Here is a plain background for you to use if you don't want to use the side border (just right click within the square and save as...)
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Please use this logo as a link back to my site. As an alternative, you can use a text link instead.

Cosmati Design logo

If you choose to place a text link instead of a graphic link, then the html code you will need to insert in your document is: page set designed by <a href="http://dizzydog.net">Cosmati Design</a>

Please note that the link back to Cosmati Design MUST be visible to the naked eye. Thanks!

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