A more, well, masculine set for you all.  I wanted to convey the feeling of a great new technology being released to the public.  A new frontier in this odd and wonderful world of the internet and computers.

The images in this set are transparent can't, absolutely cannot, use them on any other backgrounds...they will look hideous.  Besides, this is a *set* - it's designed to go together :o)

The font is Mexcellent by my favourite font-maker, Ray Larabie.

Please email me if you use this set - just a little 'hi, I'm using your set' is all I'm asking.  I love seeing folks using my graphics...keeps me motivated to make more!

Please save these to your own computer!  Do not link directly to me.  Please use the matching logo to link back to me at  Not much to ask for this cool set :o)

If you want a customized header or other buttons, I am available for hire :) Thanks muchly!




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