With heart raised to the heavens
With love within his heart
He seeks to find the wisdom
In words that he imparts

He prays to Mother Nature
To keep her bounty pure
He seeks the gentle waters
To nourish and ensure

That life will go on living
In spirits that are blessed
Within the hills and valleys
Where many souls have wept

He sees the eagle flying
With wings that span so wide
Knowing through these blessings
His joyous heart replies

He hears the many footsteps
That walk across the land
Knows the whispers of his heart
That reach out for his hand

With love and understanding
He bows his head in peace
Mother earth will cradle him
His love on earth released.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright June 13, 2003







We are pleased to be presenting the art of ©Denton Lund (with his permission of course).  Watch for more sets featuring this artist in the future.  If you use this set you must, of course link both logos to the respective sites:

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The fabulous midi is composed by ©
Elan Michaels entitled, Star Keeper and used with his permission.  You may visit is wonderful site HERE.

June 12, 2002